Healthy Eating

The Solution for Digestive Problems

The Solution for Digestive ProblemsRecently I’ve been having some digestive problems so I decided to do a little research on the web. Turns out that we need lots of friendly bacteria in our digestive tract to help get the most nutrition out of our food. It also turns out that stress can actually kill those little guys and as... Read More »

Ten Foods to Keep You Healthy

Ten Foods to Keep You HealthyYou will find these 10 foods in your cupboard or at the local grocery store and should be added to your menu. These ten foods to keep you healthy are not listed as a miracle cure, they are just foods you might already be eating and some you might have thought weren’t healthy. Here is... Read More »

A List of Favorite Smoothies

A List of Favorite SmoothiesAre you looking to have a selection of great smoothies for your breakfast or for a snack? Here is some of my favorites and they taste fantastic. Walnut Smoothie with Bananas & Blueberries Walnut Smoothies make a great breakfast drink. Bananas are a perfect match with walnuts for a creamy base.  You can top them... Read More »

Quest Nutrition Protein Bars Review

Quest Nutrition Protein Bars ReviewGetting the right amount of protein in your diet is very important whether you are trying to lose weight or build muscle. But it’s also important that the type of protein is right too. That is why many people use protein supplements so that they know the protein is high quality and also they know... Read More »