What is Aerial Yoga?

If you’ve had an interest in Aerial Yoga, it’s very likely that you’ve seen some photos of two people balancing on each other’s legs, or hands in a help pose. If you’ve ever wondered if you could learn how to do it, the answer is yes!

Aerial Yoga is an excellent blend of exercise and an assisted work out. It helps you to learn more about achieving balance, and can help you to get in great shape quickly. It’s also a great way to bond with your partner.

A Blend of Disciplines

One of the most interesting things about aerial yoga is the fact that it’s a blend of disciplines. These include yoga, acrobatics, and some of the healing arts. The aim is to foster a feeling of community and a general feeling of trust to those that are practicing this beautiful art. The care and philosophy behind it speak for itself.

You Can Find Partnership

If you’re feeling nervous that you might not find a partner, you don’t have to feel left out because you can find a partner when you get to an aerial yoga session. In the community, there will always be people that are willing to help you to learn and train.

As you work with more people, you will gain more skills and knowledge, but you are completely welcome to work with a dedicated partner if you choose. There are people to accommodate every shape, size, and skill level.

You Can Be Any Size

While strength is a good thing to have, most of what makes aerial yoga work is technique. These techniques aren’t limited to the size of the person holding the other person up.

They are learned and easier than they seem. Anyone can learn these methods and enjoy the peaceful interaction that comes from aerial yoga.


When we work on something by ourselves, we can sink into untold amounts of time mulling things over in our minds. With aerial yoga, you want to communicate completely with your partner. Aerial yoga is meant to cultivate a deep sense of trust with your partner.

With time and practice, you will learn how to communicate what is needed. When you work together, you can reach goals that would have seemed impossible previously.

Depending on how well you communicate, the shared experience can either be a beautiful dance, or a messy catastrophe.

10 Benefits of Aerial Yoga Video:

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